Creative Response: A Poem by Joshua Parfitt by Nida Hussain 3 years ago

I stand at the window, looking in,
they say that flowers grow here
amongst the pale faces
sitting rigid at their desks
like gravestones
they say
that with the rubble of dreams
you can
build yourself a home.

I enter the adulthood
bequeathed by empty pockets
that will send me running
through the rampant metropolis
for some small space
to breathe

They have done so well
placing tranquility
at the end of their polluted rainbow;
I’ll be coughing
and stumbling
by the time enough taxes
have been siphoned off
from my health.

could it really be true what they
have said?
that this repeating lassitude
grounds us?
that, in the end, perhaps freedom
was just a worksong
performed through it all?

I have no time to fund these questions;
pushes me out the door
(the rain takes me by the hand.)

I shelter
beneath a leafless tree
(whilst the tunneled street
into the distance.)


This poem was written by Joshua Parfitt.



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  1. jey Malaiperuman
    June 27, 2013  12:40 pm by jey Malaiperuman

    time to end the indifference?

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