HubmasterOne Million Premiere @GDIF – photos by Hubmaster 3 years ago

One Million Premiere @GDIF - photos

Save the surprise – Don’t read this is you don’t want to see what is in the show!

If you have not seen the show and want to keep things nice and surprising for yourself tonight then don’t go any further.

The première of One Million was last night as part of the finale for GDIF at Royal Arsenal, Woolwich. If you missed it then you can come along on Saturday night (today) and see it at 10pm. Do come.

Attended by an enthusiastic crowd that filled the square full of excitement it lived up to all expectations.

The evening began with a reception hosted by GDIF and Tangled Feet with speeches from Nathan and Kat for Tangled Feet as well as Bradley Hemmings for GDIF followed by Anthony Anoxogorou who introduced some of the young people he has work-shopped with to produce poetry.

Some of the poems that were read out last night are reproduced here in the Creative Response section of the site so you can read the great work that has been done for yourselves.

Music was composed by Guy Connelly and Nick Gill and represents another long running collaboration and partnership with Tangled Feet to go with the links to GDIF.

The opportunity for Tangled Feet to be able to nurture the next generation of creatives is one that Nathan and Kat both commented on in their speeches and with over 140 young people who have been involved in One Million (and one hundred of them actually taking part last night) this is a solid start to what will be a key part of Tangled Feet’s activities in the future.

Enough of that for now though. What about the show itself?

Words cannot describe it and photos can never really reproduce the emotions of being there and seeing it as it happens but sadly that’s all you get this time around. Maybe, very soon, there will be a review of the show (come on Lyn Gardner) or possibly one of our very own site visitors might want to pen their review – that’s what is for after all – and then we could start to develop a conversation about show in all its aspects.

But for now, here are some photos. (Tap a picture, then tap the right side of it to go forward and the left to go back)

There now follows a PSA:

And remember both of these shows are FREE so if you do fancy helping tangled feet make more innovative theatre then you can always support it by making an online donation here:, or you can donate by text message. Simply text ‘FEET10′ and the amount you want to donate (either £1,£2,£3,£4,£5 or £10) to the number 70070. For example, if you wanted to donate £5.00 to us, you would text ‘FEET10 £5′.



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    Amazing scenes

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