Creative Response

Creative Response: Life's Window by Belal Amini1

He embraced the windowpane with gentle conviction; a touch that simmered nostalgic memories to boil. Nose pressed against the glass, mist shrouded his sullen identity from his former colleagues. Now idle. The growing frustration was evident. Fuelled by nostalgia’s bitter core, a silhouette of tra ..


Creative Response: Riots Aftermath by Shareefa Panchbhaya0

Riots Aftermath Questions need to be asked instead of attaching stigma's Where looters have been labelled mindless animals But what about the same people this countries bred End up in another country where far worse is done, bloodshed Why is a hoody frowned upon but a British man in uniform is ..


Rebirth / The longer bit0

Straight jacketed in this indifference, I’m held firmly in place on my high rides of boredom. Elusive ideas of guilt free freedom sink into me And I sink, sink ever deeper into the toxic porridge that fills my mouth, creeps under my skin and deep, deep into my body where it hardens and keeps ..


Creative Response: A Poem by Joshua Parfitt1

I stand at the window, looking in, they say that flowers grow here amongst the pale faces sitting rigid at their desks like gravestones they say that with the rubble of dreams you can build yourself a home. Hesitant, I enter the adulthood bequeathed by empty pockets that will send me ..


Creative Response: A Poem by Cyril Mupakile0

Just doing what i gotta do, to get where i gotta be. Time flies fast-- Feeling winter in the spring. Bedroom noises or maybe seasons that have been. Because if two equals two then one is surely three. A reply can have a heart beat like a tie, Along the lines of "you are prestigiously invited t ..