How to submit

You can submit to Tangled Streets from a desktop, laptop or mobile device.

To submit a post you’ll need to be logged in. You can register here, or choose to login with Facebook or Twitter by clicking on the icons in the sidebar. These social networks will ask you to verify that you wish to allow Tangled Streets to log you in as a facebook or twitter user. Please insure that you stick with the same social network for each visit.

Once you’re in, click on the submit post in the top right hand corner of the screen  and fill in the form telling us about what you’ve seen, done or thought.

We welcome your input in whatever media you like. There are four different types of post – Image, Video, Audio or Text-only.

Every effort has been made to insure that this process is as simple as possible so have a play, get involved and join the Tangled Streets community.

Once you’ve decided on your post format you’ll need to add a Title and select the correct Category, this will enable other users to see which performance your post refers to, use the “tangledstreets” category if  it’s a general post or “Creative Response” for your creative responses to One Million. Tags are additional useful ways of sharing what your post is about as all posts with a specific tag can be viewed at once.

Image Posts

To add an image from your mobile or computer, simply click upload and choose your images. If you are using a mobile device it is best to upload them one at a time. 

To add an image from another website, copy and paste the url from the image you want to add into the box provided and click “Add URL”. The image will then be loaded into our data base and appear on the site.


You can then select the feature image of your post from the thumbnails which appear in the Attachment Images Box. This is the image which will appear on the wall so choose wisely.


Instagram images tagged with #TangledStreets will appear automatically on the site within minutes of adding the tag. Hashtags in the comments will also be picked up by our website. #PushTangledStreets#OneMillionTangledStreets and #InflationTangledStreets are also more specific options.


Simply add the “Share” url provided by the supplier into the Add URL box and click Add URL. A thumbnail of your video will then appear in the Attachment Video box.


How to find the “Share” URL’s:

The “Share” urls are slightly different for each site:

Youtube’s share url is located by clicking the “Share” link which appears under the video . 

Vimeo requires that you copy the video’s url from the address bar, or select the share option which appears as a rollover on the video and select the link from there. 

Vine requires that you share the video on Twitter first. Make sure you add the #tangledstreets hashtag before uploading and then you can use the share option again to send or copy the embed link.

MP4: You can also upload a .mp4 any other video format is incompatible and we strongly advise against this as it may take a long time and mobile users won’t be able to view your video! -  using one of the video sites from above is by far the easiest option!

Alternative video formats can be added to the site by using the providers embed code in the Text Content entry field. You’ll need to publish it as a Text post and simply click the text tab in the top right hand corner of the text box and paste the provided html code.


You can upload audio files in MP3 format. You can also add an image to the post to help explain what the audio is about.

To convert your files to MP3 there are a variety of free applications available. iTunes for desktops is recommended.


Just choose a title, type your words and submit – easy.


At the bottom of the page click the Submit button. If you’ve filled everything in correctly a message will appear telling you where you can view your post.


Once you’ve added your content take a look at what other user have added and please comment and like what they’ve done.

Let’s get the discussion started!

If you are having any problems with this process please contact us here.